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Ecuador Wound Closure Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Ecuador Wound Closure performed compared to key markets such as Belgium, Germany and the United States.

Key Market Indicators

Import of wound dressing into Ecuador is predicted to reach $10.5 million by 2026, up from $9.2 million in 2021. This represents a 2.3% year-on-year average growth rate since 1996. In 2021, Ecuador ranked 47th, with Qatar taking the lead at $9.2 million. Germany, the United States and Japan respectively occupied the second, third and fourth spots. Export of wound dressing from Ecuador is forecast to reach $40,500 by 2026, down from $42,000 in 2021. This is equivalent to a 0.3% year-on-year average decrease since 1998. In 2021, Ecuador was ranked 75th, with Armenia at the top with $42,000. Belgium, Germany and Austria followed in second, third and fourth place respectively.

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Ecuador Wound Closure Market Data and Forecasts