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Finland Anti-Infective Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Finland Anti-Infective performed compared to key markets such as Italy, Spain and Croatia.

Key Market Indicators

Finnish Antiinfective Medicine Sales are projected to reach approximately $339 million by 2028, up from around $304 million in 2023. This indicates an annual growth rate of 1.7%. Since 1994, the Finnish market has shown a steady increase of 0.8% per year. In 2023, Finland ranked 8th globally, with Sweden surpassing it at $304 million. Spain, Croatia, and Australia followed in the rankings, occupying the second, third, and fourth spots, respectively. On the import front, Finland's antibiotic imports are expected to decline significantly. From a value of about $490,200 in 2023, imports are anticipated to drop to nearly $287,400 by 2028, reflecting an annual decrease of 8.6%. Since 1993, Finnish demand for antibiotics has fallen at an average rate of 11.2% per year. Exports of Finnish antibiotics have also seen a notable decline. In 2023, exports totaled approximately $5,220, down from $6,880 in 2022, marking a 24.2% decrease year-on-year. Over the long term, since 1993, Finnish antibiotic exports have plummeted by an average of 22.5% annually.

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Finland Anti-Infective Market Data and Forecasts