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Moldova Rapeseed Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Moldova Rapeseed performed compared to key markets such as Canada, China and India.

Key Market Indicators

Moldavian rapeseed production is projected to reach 101,150 metric tons by 2026. In 2021, this figure was 86,090 metric tons, a growth of 2.7% year-on-year. Since 2004, production has increased by an average of 14.8% each year. Moldova currently ranks 34th in the world for rapeseed production, with Uruguay overtaking it in 2021 with 86,090 metric tons. China, India, and France come in second, third, and fourth, respectively.

Moldova Rapeseed Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Moldova Rapeseed Market grow to 2026?

Forecast: Rapeseed Gross Production in Moldova
Forecast: Rapeseed Production in Moldova
Forecast: Rapeseed Export in Moldova
Forecast: Rapeseed Yield in Moldova
Forecast: Rapeseed Supply in Moldova
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