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Belgium Olive Industry Outlook 2018

See how Belgium Olive performed compared to key markets such as Egypt, Italy and the United States.

Key Market Indicators

Belgians consumed close to 7,000 metric tons of olives in 2018. This was a slight decrease from the 7,000 metric tons of olives consumed in 2017. The Czech Republic slightly outpaced Belgium, consuming 7,000 metric tons. Italy, the United States, and Greece ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively, in consumption of olives.

Belgium Olive Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Belgium Olive Market grow?

Forecast: Olives Import Volume in Belgium
Forecast: Olives Market Size Volume Per Capita in Belgium
Forecast: Olives Export Volume in Belgium
Forecast: Import of Provisionally Preserved Olives to Belgium
Forecast: Export of Provisionally Preserved Olives from Belgium
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