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Israel Asparagus Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Israel Asparagus performed compared to key markets such as China, Peru and Mexico.

Key Market Indicators

Israeli production of asparagus is predicted to increase slightly over the next five years. In 2021, the country produced 118 metric tons of the vegetable. This figure has been growing at an average yearly rate of 1% since 1991. Israel was the 41st largest producer of asparagus in 2021, South Africa was the biggest producer with 118 metric tons. Peru, Mexico, and Germany ranked second, third, and fourth respectively.

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Israel Asparagus Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Israel Asparagus Market grow to 2026?

Forecast: Asparagus Gross Production in Israel
Forecast: Asparagus Yield in Israel
Forecast: Asparagus Production in Israel
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