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Ireland Mental Health Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Ireland Mental Health performed compared to key markets such as Germany, Japan and France.

Key Market Indicators

Ireland is poised to see its mental health provider density rise to approximately 1,180 persons by 2028, up from about 1,040 persons in 2023. This represents an average annual growth rate of 2%. Since 2010, the supply of mental health providers in Ireland has increased at a steady rate of 5.2% per year. In 2023, Ireland ranked 18th globally in terms of mental health provider density, with New Zealand narrowly ahead at 1,040 persons. Japan, France, and Australia occupied the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively. On the financial front, Irish mental health expenditure is projected to reach around €542 million by 2028, up from approximately €463 million in 2023. This reflects an average annual growth rate of 2.5%. Since 2016, the demand for mental health services in Ireland has risen by 4.6% annually. In 2023, Ireland ranked eighth in global mental health expenditure, with Spain just ahead at €463 million. The Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland secured the second, third, and fourth spots in this financial ranking.

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Ireland Mental Health Market Data and Forecasts