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Of the estimated 1.5 million homeless individuals in the United States, over 200,000 are children. Additionally, there are also around 200,000 military veterans experiencing homelessness. The remaining 1.1 million are non-veteran adults, including those with families. The number of homeless people is increasing each year. A significant percentage of the homeless population struggles with various challenges. Approximately 25% suffer from mental illness, while about 35% deal with substance abuse issues. The lack of access to affordable housing, healthcare, and steady employment exacerbates their situation. Different states report varying numbers of homeless individuals. California, for example, has the highest number with over 150,000 people experiencing homelessness. New York follows with nearly 92,000 homeless residents. States with milder climates often see higher numbers due to the more tolerable living conditions. Efforts to combat homelessness include federal, state, and local initiatives aimed at providing affordable housing, mental health services, and job training programs. However, advocates argue that more comprehensive and coordinated approaches are necessary to address the root causes of homelessness effectively.

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