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Latvia Pipeline Transportation Industry Outlook 2021

See how Latvia Pipeline Transportation performed compared to key markets such as Russia, the United States and China.

Key Market Indicators

Latvia's pipeline transport volume dropped 13.7% in 2021 to nearly 445 million tonne-kilometres, down from 516 million the year prior. This marks a 21.6% decrease since 2000. Latvia now ranks 24th, with Bulgaria overtaking them at 445.55 million tonne-kilometres. The United States, China and Kazakhstan took the top three spots in this ranking. Latvia's pipeline length is expected to reach 156.57 kilometres by 2026, down from 284.05 kilometres in 2021, a decrease of 10.2% year-on-year. Since 1995, Latvia's supply has declined by 7.4% annually. The country now ranks 16th, with Denmark overtaking them at 284.05 kilometres. Italy, Romania and Poland took second, third and fourth place in this ranking.

Latvia Pipeline Transportation Market Data and Forecasts

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