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Cameroon Nickel Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

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Key Market Indicators

Cameroon's nickel import figures are projected to decline significantly, reaching approximately $50,000 by 2028. This marks a drop from around $71,000 in 2023, indicating an average annual decrease of 5.6%. The country's demand for nickel has been on a downward trend, decreasing by 5.1% each year since 2000. On the export front, Cameroonian nickel is also set for a steep decline. By 2022, exports are expected to fall to roughly $2,000, down from nearly $12,000 in 2017. This represents an average annual decrease of 31.9%. Since 2001, the supply of nickel from Cameroon has diminished by an average of 29.8% each year. These trends highlight significant ongoing challenges in both the import and export markets for nickel in Cameroon.

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Cameroon Nickel Market Data and Forecasts