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Ethanol Market Outlook 2029

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Global Ethanol Trends in 2022

Ethanol is part of Chemicals. You may also be interested in Natural Rubber, Methanol and Butanol.

Global demand for ethanol is projected to decrease slightly in 2029, with imports of 9.7 billion liters expected to be down 0.8% from the prior year. This would mark the ninth consecutive year of declining demand since 1995, when it decreased by 0.9% annually. Meanwhile, exports of 10.4 billion liters in 2028 are anticipated to decrease by 0.8% from the prior year. This would be the sixth consecutive year of declining supply since 1995, when it fell 0.7% yearly. Thailand is expected to see the strongest growth, with a 11.7% annual rise, while the United States is forecast to experience a 2.1% annual decrease.

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In 2022 major markets in the Ethanol Industry were:

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