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US Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 15261 reports

  • Cattle Price, Pig Price, Pig Production, Livestock Production…
  • 3983 statistics

  • Egg Export, Horse Import, Horse Export, Egg Import…
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Australian Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 1055 reports

  • Cattle Production, Cattle Price, Livestock Production, Sheep Production…
  • 1668 statistics

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Canadian Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 1152 reports

  • Pig Price, Cattle Price, Pig Production, Goat Price…
  • 2170 statistics

  • Horse Export, Horse Import, Pig Export, Egg Export…
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Indian Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 1097 reports

  • Livestock Production, Cattle Production, Pig Production, Goat Production…
  • 1030 statistics

  • Egg Export, Egg Import, Cattle Export, Sheep Export…
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East African Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 472 reports

  • Livestock Production, Goat Price, Cattle Price, Livestock Export…
  • 6 statistics

  • Egg Production…
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Filipina Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 462 reports

  • Livestock Production, Pig Production, Cattle Production, Goat Production…
  • 704 statistics

  • Egg Import, Egg Export, Chicken Export, Cattle Import…
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Pakistani Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 380 reports

  • Livestock Production, Livestock Export, Cattle Production, Livestock Import…
  • 762 statistics

  • Cattle Export, Egg Import, Egg Export, Chicken Export…
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Chinese Livestock Industry 2022‑2025

  • 1130 reports

  • Pig Production, Pig Price, Cattle Price, Livestock Production…
  • 1192 statistics

  • Egg Import, Horse Export, Pig Export, Egg Export…

Top insights for Livestock Markets:

Livestock products account for around 30% of the global value of agriculture and 19% of food production.

Global consumption of beef, veal, poultry and pork is estimated to have risen by 30% in the last 15 years and the trend is expected to continue.

World meat import demand is projected to reach 38 million t by 2030, 7.2 million t above the level in 2018.

Pork production in 2020 is projected to total 28.985 billion pounds, up 4.9% year over year according to the March USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates.

Global beef exports increased by 38% - from 8.65m metric tons in 2013 to 11.99m metric tons in 2018.

Overview per country:

  • US: In FY 2020, U.S. imports of livestock, dairy, and poultry products are expected to increase by $100 million to $17.8 billion. Pork exports are forecast at $6.3 billion (up $800 million from FY 2019) as a result of higher volumes and unit values, partially resulting from the repeal of Mexico's retaliatory tariffs and an increase in global pork demand due to the African Swine Fever (ASF) epidemic.
  • EU: According to the EU Agricultural Outlook 2017-2030 (European Commission 2030), world meat consumption will increase by 14% by 2030, leading to higher EU meat exports and counterbalancing the slight contraction of EU consumption.
  • Australia: Australia is the world leader in goat meat exports, with around 95% of Australian goat meat sent offshore and accounting for around 50% of the global goat meat trade. In 2017-18 Australia exported around 2 million live sheep (valued at $239 million), which contributed 7% of the value of Australia's sheep and sheep meat exports, or about 3% of the global trade in sheep meat.
  • China: USDA estimates China hog production in 2019 was down 195 million head from 2018 and expects in 2020 to see a further 80-million head reduction in the Chinese pig herd, with a subsequent increase in global pork import demand.

Top view datapoints for Livestock Markets:

  • Livestock Gross Production in the World - 1991 to 2019
  • Forecast [COVID-19 updated]: Livestock Gross Production in the World - 2019 to 2023
  • Number of Cattle in the World - 1961 to 2019
  • Forecast [COVID-19 updated]: Number of Cattle in the World - 2019 to 2023
  • Red Meat Market Size Volume in the EU - 2009 to 2019
  • Forecast: Red Meat Market Size Volume in the EU - 2019 to 2023
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