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Restaurants: Unveiling Diverse Trends and Opportunities in the Global Sushi Market

What is driving the growth in the sushi market?

Increasing international exposure to Japanese culture and growing appreciation for their cuisine has accelerated the growth of the sushi market globally. Moreover, health consciousness among consumers, who are seeking light, protein-rich, and low-fat food options, has contributed to the rising popularity of sushi. This has led the restaurant industry to adapt to this rising demand, by enhancing its sushi offerings.

What different trends are noticeable?

A noticeable trend in the global sushi market is the fast-casual sushi concept – a crossover between traditional sushi restaurants and fast-food chains offering sushi boxes. Furthermore, fusion sushi, blending traditional Japanese methods with global ingredients, continues to attract consumers looking for novelty. Technological advancements also present new opportunities, as the use of sushi-making robots and online platforms for delivery are on the rise.

What are the opportunities and challenges?

In the face of increased demand on a global scale, expanding sushi offerings beyond traditional restaurant setups could be a profitable venture. This could encompass sushi bars in supermarkets, food courts, and even sushi-making classes. However, challenges persist, particularly concerning supply chain management considering the perishability of sushi ingredients, and ensuring a consistently high quality of the sushi offered. Furthermore, upholding traditional sushi-making methods whilst catering for global tastes is an ongoing challenge.

Key Indicators

  1. Global sushi market size
  2. Market growth rate
  3. Market share of key sushi restaurant chains
  4. Customer demand trends for sushi
  5. Sushi supply chain analysis
  6. Innovation and diversity in sushi dishes and fusion cuisine
  7. Impact of online food delivery services on sushi restaurants
  8. Sushi raw material cost trends
  9. Geographic distribution of sushi consumption
  10. Regulatory landscape affecting sushi production and sales