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Malta Smart Card Industry Outlook 2021

See how Malta Smart Card performed compared to key markets such as France, Germany and Spain.

Key Market Indicators

Maltese Smart Card exports dropped by 12.3% in 2021, to almost 15,000 items from 16,870 items in 2020. This marks a 330.6% increase since 2012. Malta was placed 26th in the 2021 rankings, behind Cyprus which exported 14,800 items. Germany, Spain and the Netherlands respectively came in second, third and fourth. Smart Card imports to Malta are forecast to decrease to almost 470,000 items by 2026, from 853,330 items in 2021. This represents a yearly average decline of 20.7% since 2012. Malta was ranked 26th in 2021, behind Cyprus' 853,330 items. The Netherlands, Spain and France placed second, third and fourth respectively.

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