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Germany Passenger Transportation Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Germany Passenger Transportation performed compared to key markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Key Market Indicators

Germany is expected to be the world's seventh-largest passenger transport market in 2026, with revenues of around $18 billion. This is a slight increase from 2021, when its revenues were estimated at $16.4 billion. However, German passenger transport expenditure is set to decline by 4.6% year on year CAGR from $6.8 billion in 2021 to $5.2 billion in 2026. Since 2013, German demand has fallen by 1.9% year on year. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, France and Canada respectively came in at numbers two, three and four in this ranking. Japan overtook Germany in 2021, with expenditure of $6.8 billion.

Germany Passenger Transportation Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Germany Passenger Transportation Market grow to 2026?

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