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Peru Sorghum Industry Outlook 2019

See how Peru Sorghum performed compared to key markets such as the United States, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

Key Market Indicators

Peruvian sorghum production dropped dramatically in 2019, with 92 metric tons, a 56% decrease from the year before. The decline has been steady since 1966, with a 26.1% decrease in production year on year. In 2019, Peru was in 98th place in terms of sorghum production, overtaken by Sri Lanka with 92 metric tons. Nigeria, Ethiopia and Mexico were the top three producers, coming in second, third and fourth respectively.

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Peru Sorghum Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Peru Sorghum Market grow?

Forecast: Sorghum Feed and Residual in Peru
Forecast: Sorghum Import in Peru
Forecast: Sorghum Supply in Peru
Forecast: Sorghum Distribution in Peru
Forecast: Sorghum Yield in Peru
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