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Luxembourg Hospitality Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Luxembourg Hospitality performed compared to key markets such as the United Kingdom, Italy and France.

Key Market Indicators

Luxembourger accommodation expenditure is projected to rise to approximately €244 million by 2028, up from €238 million in 2023, reflecting an average annual growth rate of 0.4%. However, since 2000, demand in Luxembourg has seen a year-on-year decrease of 7%. In 2023, Luxembourg ranked 30th in terms of accommodation expenditure, with Estonia just ahead at €238 million. Italy, France, and Germany took the second, third, and fourth spots, respectively. In terms of accommodation establishments, Luxembourg is expected to see a decline. The number of bedplaces is forecasted to drop to around 3,830 by 2028 from 3,940 in 2023, indicating a yearly decrease of 0.4% on average. Despite this, since 2003, the country’s supply has increased by 0.4% annually. In 2023, Luxembourg was positioned 30th, with Macedonia slightly ahead at 3,940 bedplaces. Spain, France, and Germany were the top three in this category. Meanwhile, revenue from Luxembourger accommodation services is anticipated to reach nearly €490 million by 2028, up from €418 million in 2023, showing a robust average annual growth of 2.5%. Since 2010, the market has surged by 3.9% each year. Luxembourg ranked 28th in 2023, with Slovakia just ahead at €418 million. Spain, France, and the United Kingdom occupied the second, third, and fourth positions, respectively, in this ranking.

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Luxembourg Hospitality Market Data and Forecasts