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Botswana Aircraft Parts Industry Outlook 2021

See how Botswana Aircraft Parts performed compared to key markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore.

Key Market Indicators

Batswana's export of aircraft parts plummeted 58.3% in 2021, to $116,930, from $280,040 in 2020. This marks a decrease of 23.4% since 2005. In 2021, Batswana was the 98th biggest exporter of aircraft parts, with Cyprus coming ahead at $116,930. Germany, Singapore and France were the next three leading exporters. Batswana's import of aircraft parts is set to reach $8,662,900 by 2026, from $8,495,500 in 2021, with an average annual increase of 0.1%. This marks an increase of 5.9% since 2005. In 2021, Batswana was the 79th biggest importer of aircraft parts, with Guyana overtaking at $8,495,500. France, Germany and Singapore were the next three leading importers.

Botswana Aircraft Parts Market Data and Forecasts

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