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Weapon Market Outlook 2022 - 2026

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Global Weapon Trends in 2022

Weapon is part of Defense and includes a number of sub-sectors such as Ammunition. You may also be interested in Military Robot, Electronic Warfare and Military Vehicle.

With $2,288,400,000 in 2021, USA was number 1 in North American Weapon Export. Canada, Mexico and Belgium respectively ranked numbers 2, 3 and 4 in this ranking. South Korea grew 5.6% year on year, while Ghana fell by 6.6% year on year since 1965. Global weapon imports are expected to drop by around 1.2% per year up to 2026, when the figure is estimated to reach $22.2 billion. This is down from $22.4 billion in 2021 and a 6.5% decrease since 1965. India is the world's largest importer of weapons, with $2.6 billion imported in 2021. Saudi Arabia, Australia, and South Korea follow respectively, with Belgium showing the largest yearly growth of 71.2%, and Ghana the largest decrease of 69.3%. North American weapon exports are predicted to increase 0.3% each year to 2026, when the figure is estimated to hit $10.2 billion. This is up from $9.6 billion in 2021, and a 0.9% decrease since 1965. The USA is the leading exporter in North America, with $2.3 billion exported in 2021. Canada, Mexico and Belgium come in next, with South Korea showing the largest yearly growth of 5.6%, and Ghana the largest decrease of 6.6%.

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