List of the global car OEM and OES organizations

An assembly line within a car factory.

Due to the fast growth and visible progress of vehicle production and distribution in each region across the entire global automotive industry, it’s becoming more than just a single vast economic sector. The car sector incorporates many different firms and conglomerates. Thanks to our official classifications you can easily figure out what type of groups play a key role in today’s world vehicle activity.

First of all, Automotive Companies are separated into two main groups – the OEM and the OES groups. Both play key roles in the field. But while they do interact with each other all the time, they actually aren’t that competitive, but are mostly dependent on each other.

Top Automotive Equipment Manufacturers

They are referred to as the OEM. This term is used when one particular firm produces its own parts or entire car systems, which are made to be used by another company's final product. The top OEM companies have mostly been established for many years and are used to compete against one another.

According to the International Standardization Organization OEMs are very few in number. There are more firms of an OES type.

Top Automotive Equipment Suppliers

They are referred to as OES and are quite critical to the future of the car industry. The top OES firms make parts on the same assembly line as the OEM do, though the OES members add a few additional steps to the distribution process.

Each dominates a region depending on their location or a particular technology based on their history and developments.

Regional differences

Germany, China, USA, Thailand flags

Meanwhile, experts distinguish the conglomerates by their origin. The geographic factor isn’t as important as the rate of progress in the particular region. Of course ordinary people like to determine a vehicle by pointing if it comes from Germany or China, for example.

On the other hand, it’s easier to point to whether the company is located in a developed or emerging country. The developed countries are those from markets in the USA, China, Thailand, Japan, etc. We can point Brazil and Russia as countries which used to be emerging markets, but which can now be considered developed.

OICA, the voice of the vehicle manufacturers

OICA as the global informational web portal for automobile industry and all the statistics, facts, and data which are linked to it determine the companies according to their production. OICA divides companies based on whether they produce the following different vehicle types: passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy trucks, busses, and coaches.

Top 10 vehicle companies by revenue

Firms are different according to their revenue as well. Such a distinguishing process shows the client which car brands play key roles in the global automotive industry. Here are the top 10 vehicle groups by revenue:

In 2015, Fiat's sales numbers in the United States outperformed those of Ford, after the American company had to recall more than 430,000 vehicles over the continent.

Last, but not least, they can be classified according to the size of the vehicles they produce. For example, two-seaters, mini-compact, large, small, wagons, etc. Don’t underestimate the key player classes in the automotive industry such as the C-class, the Pro and Pro-Am class, as well as newcomers in the field like the extra luxury class.

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