How to find the most relevant automotive figures

Key statistics that will help you present your research

Statistics are key to understand evolution of the car sector.

When conducting a market research on the auto industry, you should look at KPIs in three main categories:

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Trade

They incorporate manufacturing data and growth predictions of a market, region, or company. Some of the statistical overviews might include each of these three categories when an entire market is involved.

Within these figures the following types of vehicle are covered:

  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Heavy trucks
  • Buses and coaches


Workers doing the final touches in the vehicle production line.

These figures show how many vehicles (passenger car and light commercial vehicle) were produced globally, in one particular developed or emerging country, or in one single company only.

They are often broken down by:

  • Types of Motor vehicle type: cars or commercial vehicles
  • Month, quarter or year
  • Region or country
  • Manufacturer
  • Production in units and % change


New vehicle is sold.

Sales figures include information about the new vehicle registration number (passenger car registrations), as well as the sales of used vehicles.

They usually come in monthly, quarterly and yearly tables and present the number of sold new or old vehicle (passenger car and light commercial vehicle) by country. Sales results directly impact a company's yearly results, for instance, it has allowed FCA to declare profits for the second consecutive quarter in Europe in 2015.

Reports on automobile sales can also include other components influencing results such as a list of insurance prices per state and per model.


May different cars are lined-up.

Trade figures are broken down in:

For example in 2013 China’s motor vehicle production grew by 15% to reach 22.1 million units, according to OICA, while Japan’s production fell. Volume in the U.S. grew by 7% to reach 16 million units in 2013. By 2014, 30% of automobile production is forecast to come from Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRICs), according to the Boston Consulting Group.

Top 10 cross-country comparison, motor vehicle production, 2013

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