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Thailand Wool Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Thailand Wool performed compared to key markets such as Australia, China and Italy.

Key Market Indicators

Thai Wool Export is set to reach nearly $61 million by 2026, a 0.8% annual growth from 2021's $58 million. Since 1994, Thai supply has risen 2.9% each year. In 2021, South Korea overtook Thailand, which was ranked 27th, while China, Italy and Germany ranked second, third and fourth respectively. Thai Wool Import is set to reach $124 million by 2026, a 1.3% annual growth from 2021's $115 million. Since 1993, Thai demand has increased 4% each year. In 2021, Madagascar surpassed Thailand, which was ranked 17th, while Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom ranked second, third and fourth respectively.

Thailand Wool Market Data and Forecasts

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