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Lesotho Printed Press Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Lesotho Printed Press performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Mosotho's newspapers import is forecast to experience a slight decrease in the coming years. The current value of $319,760 is set to decrease to $265,250 by 2026, dropping at a 3.1% average annual rate. Since 2008, the demand for papers in the country has increased by 0.5% year on year. Exports of newspapers in Mosotho are on the decline. The current value of $14,220 will fall to $9,130 in 2026, registering a 7.3% CAGR. Since 2008, the supply of papers has increased by 1.3% year on year. In 2021, Mosotho ranked 89th on the list of papers exporters, behind Luxembourg's $14,220. Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom came in second, third, and fourth, respectively.

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Lesotho Printed Press Market Data and Forecasts