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Mexico Chromium Industry Outlook 2018

See how Mexico Chromium performed compared to key markets such as Russia, Poland and France.

Key Market Indicators

In 1995, Mexico was a major importer of chromium, ranking 48th in the world with a supply of 687,790 kilograms. However, by 2018, this number had dropped by 63.7%, with only 252,170 kilograms. Belarus overtook the country, coming in at 52nd with 257,320 kilograms. Poland, France and the UK were the top three chromium importers with 11,868,947, 7,717,072 and 7,211,785 kilograms respectively. In 2015, Mexico's chromium imports rose to 257,320 kilograms, up from 193,360 kilograms in 2014. This placed the country 21st worldwide, just behind Singapore, which imported 257,320 kilograms. Germany, the Netherlands and Japan were the top three importers, with 11,868,947, 7,717,072 and 7,211,785 kilograms respectively.

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Mexico Chromium Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Mexico Chromium Market grow?

Forecast: Import of Chromium Oxides and Hydroxides to Mexico
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Forecast: Import of Chromium Trioxide to Mexico
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