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Paraguay Cigar Industry Outlook 2021

See how Paraguay Cigar performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Paraguay imported 1,990 kilograms of cigars in 2021, a decrease of 30.3% compared to the 2,860 kilograms imported in 2020. This marks the lowest level of import since 1994, a drop of 37.8% from the preceding year. In 2018, Paraguay ranked 45th place in worldwide cigar imports. The United Kingdom, Myanmar, Nicaragua, and Germany were the top four importers of cigars in that year, with 7,930, 6,540, 4,980, and 3,850 kilograms respectively.

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Paraguay Cigar Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Paraguay Cigar Market grow?

Forecast: Import of Cigars and Cigarettes to Paraguay
Forecast: Export of Cigars and Cigarettes from Paraguay
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