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The Philippines Oyster Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how the Philippines Oyster performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Filipina's oyster exporter supply is set to reach 630,000 kilos by 2026, up from 498,000 kilos in 2021. This is a 3.7% annual increase, and since 2002 the supply has grown 55%. Meanwhile, the country's oyster imports will drop to 3,300 kilos in 2026, down from 7,100 kilos in 2021. This is a 12.8% year-on-year decrease, but since 2001 demand has risen 11.5%.

The Philippines Oyster Market Data and Forecasts

How much will the Philippines Oyster Market grow to 2026?

Forecast: Oysters Gross Imports by Philippines
Forecast: Oysters Gross Exports by Philippines
Forecast: Oysters Exports by Philippines
Forecast: Oysters Imports by Philippines
Forecast: Export of Oysters from Philippines
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