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Oman Tourism Industry Outlook 2024 - 2028

See how Oman Tourism performed compared to key markets.

Key Market Indicators

Omani tourist arrivals are projected to hit nearly 5 million by 2028, up from approximately 4 million in 2023. This represents an annual growth rate of 3.1%. Historical data shows that since 2006, the demand for tourism in Oman has been on a steady rise, increasing at an average rate of 4.6% per year. These figures highlight the growing appeal of Oman as a travel destination, attracting an increasing number of visitors with each passing year.

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Oman Tourism Market Data and Forecasts

How much will Oman Tourism Market grow to 2028?

Forecast: International Tourism Expenditures in Oman
Forecast: International Tourism Receipts in Oman
Forecast: International Tourism Receipts for Travel Items in Oman
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