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Lithuania Diamond Industry Outlook 2022 - 2026

See how Lithuania Diamond performed compared to key markets such as India, the United States and Belgium.

Key Market Indicators

Lithuania's diamond import is projected to jump to $372,260 by 2026, up 3.2% each year on average. In 2021, the country came in at number 71, with $307,300. Iceland placed higher, while the US, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates took spots two, three and four. Lithuania's diamond export is also on the rise. It's expected to reach $84,270 by 2026, an annual growth rate of 3.7%. Since 2013, the country's supply has increased 12.2% each year. In 2021, Lithuania was at number 59, with Belize at number 58 with $67,600. The US, Belgium, and Israel took spots two, three and four.

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