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Wind Power Market Outlook 2022 - 2026

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European Wind Power Trends in 2022

Wind Power is part of Renewable Energy and includes a number of sub-sectors such as Wind Farm, Wind Turbine, Offshore Wind Power and Onshore Wind Power. You may also be interested in Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy and Hydropower.

Wind power consumption in Europe is expected to reach 5.84 exajoules by 2026, up 3.1% per year on average from 4.74 exajoules in 2021. Since 1990, consumption has grown 8.8% annually. In 2021, Germany was the leading consumer of wind power at 1.11 exajoules. The United Kingdom, Spain, and France followed in that order. Russia saw a remarkable 88.8% jump in consumption year-on-year, while Hungary experienced a 3% decrease since 1990.

Top 10 countries

In 2022 major markets in the Wind Power Industry were:

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Wind Power Market Data and Forecasts

How much the Wind Power industry is expected to grow to 2026?

Forecast: Wind Energy Consumption in Sweden
Forecast: Wind Energy Consumption in Belgium
Forecast: Wind Energy Consumption in Lithuania
Forecast: Wind Energy Consumption in Czech Republic
Forecast: Wind Energy Consumption in Poland
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