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Bauxite Market Outlook 2022 - 2026

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European Bauxite Trends in 2022

Bauxite is part of Industrial Mineral. You may also be interested in Sulfur, Rock Phosphate and Alumina.

Europe is due to reach an import total of almost 50 thousand metric tons of bauxite by 2026. This is up 2.1% from 2016. In 2021, Germany led the way with an import total of 9 thousand metric tons. Spain, Ireland, and France followed closely behind. Cyprus saw a 30.8% jump year-on-year, while Finland's imports dropped by 1.2%. Europe is also predicted to export 25.5 thousand metric tons of bauxite by 2026, 0.5% higher than in 2021. Germany led the way with an export total of 4.1 thousand metric tons in 2021. Ireland, the Netherlands, and France followed. Croatia saw a 16.4% rise year-on-year, while Malta's exports dropped 17.9%.

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In 2022 major markets in the Bauxite Industry were:

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How much the Bauxite industry is expected to grow to 2026?

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