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Belgium Tobacco Industry Outlook 2021

See how Belgium Tobacco performed compared to key markets such as China, India and Brazil.

Key Market Indicators

Belgian tobacco production is expected to drop to 4 million metric tons in 2021, a decrease of 84.9% compared to 2020. This is the lowest level since 2005, when annual production was down 50.4%. Belgium ranks 122nd in the world, behind Benin, which produces 4 million metric tons. India, Brazil, and Zimbabwe take the top three spots. Belgian tobacco sales are forecast to reach $109 million in 2026, a 3.7% drop from 2021's $135 million. This is the lowest level since 1995, when annual sales were down 1.9%. Belgium ranks 30th in the world, behind Zimbabwe's $135 million. Indonesia, the Philippines, and Poland take the top three spots. Since 2013, Belgian demand for tobacco has decreased by 4 points year on year. In 2018, Belgium was 22nd in the world for daily smokers aged 15 and older, behind South Korea's 15.4%. Russia, Greece, and Hungary round out the top four.

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Belgium Tobacco Market Data and Forecasts