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Number of infant deaths in Lithuania

Number of infant deaths in Lithuania from 1967 to 2015
Date Value Variation
2015 107.00 -10.08
2014 119.00 -10.53
2013 133.00 -11.33
2012 150.00 -9.09
2011 165.00 -9.84
2010 183.00 -7.11
2009 197.00 -7.08
2008 212.00 -4.93
2007 223.00 -5.11
2006 235.00 -4.47

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Main Child Health Indicators

  • Child Mortality

    Probability of dying between the first and fifth birthday. It is a core indicator for child health and well-being. Based on: World Health Organization.

  • Child Immunisation

    Percentage of children aged 12-23 months who received vaccinations before 12 months or at any time before the survey. A child is considered adequately immunized against infectious diseases after receiving three doses of vaccine. Based on: World Health Organization.

  • Perinatal Mortality

    Pregnancy losses occuring after seven completed months of gestation (stillbirths) plus deaths to live births within the first seven days of life (early neonatal deaths). The perinatal mortality rate is expressed per 1,000 pregnancies and is derived by dividing the total number of perinatal deaths by the total number of pregnancies reaching seven months gestation. It is used as an indicator for the quality of antenatal and perinatal care. Based on: World Health Organization.